Organic Dyab Tea (Stevia) Formula of Ayurved

Organic Dyab Tea (Stevia) Formula of Ayurved

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Organic DYAB Tea: (50 Sachets of 2GM Each) - (Dissolve in a Cup of Hot Water - No Sugar & Milk Required)

                  Organic Sunrise Natual Dyab Tea is a matchless Ayurvedic blend of herbs that helps body metabolism sugar by stimulating insulin production and improving the sensitivity of peripheral insulin receptors. The main ingredients of Organic Sunrise Natural DYAB TEA, Gumar, Banana, Vijayasar and cinnamon were found to act like conventional hypogilcemic agents. According to ayurveda Punarnaba & Ashwagandha help body fight diabeties by strengthening Liver & Kidney by flushing out impurities from kidney cells and liver. Research suggests that in diabeties there is oxidative stress in combination with reduced antioxidant status; this results in greater vulnerability to the damaging effects of free radicals. Powerful antioxidants of organic Sunrise DYAB TEA such as Green tea, Black tea, Vijaysar and Ashwagandha decreases oxidative stress and improve antioxidant status.


Gymnema sylvestre ext., Plerocarpus marsupium ext., Lagerstroemia soeciosa ext., Boerhaavia diffussa ext., Cinnamomum Zeylanicum ext., Withania somnifera ext., Green tea ext., black tea ext., Sucralase, Isomalt, Stevia green powder, Fructo Oligosacchharides.

Other ingredients : Maltadextrin & silicon dioxide. Contains Natural & Nature Identical Flavours

Directions For Use (ORAL):

Drink 3 – 4 times a day before meals and breakfast

Store in a cool and dry place


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