Organic Glow Tea (Stevia) Formula of Ayurved

Organic Glow Tea (Stevia) Formula of Ayurved

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Organic Glow Tea:

                Organic Sunrise Natural Glow Tea, a beauty beverage is prepared with a blend of Ayurvedic botanical and fruits reputed for controlling signs of ageing and replenishing skin from inside. The powerful Phytochemicals of these ingredients protect skin from anslaught of free radicals, help remove ama (toxins), reduce  skin response to UV radiations by increasing subcutaneous blood flow, stimulate the synthesis of collagen, control mental stress which is linked to dehydration of skin and stress lines on face. Sunrise Organic Natural Glow Tea may help you attain smooth and soft skin by providing nutrition it craves for.


Centella asiatica ext., Aloe vera ext., Mimosa pudica ext., Vitis vini fera ext., Punica granatum ext., Phyllanthus officinalis ext., Withania somenifera, Sida cordifolia ext., Green tea ext., black tea ext., Stevia Green Ext. Powder and Fructo oligosaccharides

Other Ingredients :

Maltodextrin & Silicon dioxide. Contains Natural and Nature identical Flavours

Directions For Use (ORAL):

Drink 3-4 times a day before meals and breakfast

Store in a cool and dry place

Keep away from direct sunlight


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