Organic Giloy Juice

Organic Giloy Juice

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Organic Giloy Juice

Giloye is beneficial in treating fever, gout and jaundice, skin diseases, secondary syphilis, rheumatism, constipation, tuberculosis and leprosy. It is a powerful blood purifier. It is an antihelminthic, anti-periodic, anti-arthritic, anti-pyretic and anti-inflammatory. It acts as a tonic and aphrodisiac. 

Giloy roots have powerful antioxidant. It is used in cancer prevention and treatment. It helps to lower the high cholesterol level, maintain sugar level and protects liver as well. It is used as strong anti-aging factor. It has been used to treat severe illnesses, arthritis, food allergies and anemia.

  Its juice is very effective in removing both exogenous toxins. It clears out the brain toxin that inhibits mental function. The root and bark is used for the treatment of respiratory problems such as asthma.

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