Combo Pack For 100% Guaranteed Solution For Heart Care

Combo Pack For 100% Guaranteed Solution For Heart Care

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Keep your heart healthy with our combo pack and over-come your blood pressure issues. We offer you the best organic medicinal plan to take care of your heart and minimize the adverse effects of blood pressure. Stick to the organic herbal remedies for the best results.

This perfect combination for 100% Heart Care consists of 

1. Heart Care Juice : Heart Care juice is combines mixture of herbs like Arjun Extract, Aloevera & Amla. The combination of these herbs works directly on the working of Heart and reduce chances of strokes or rise/fall in the blood pressure.

2. Tulsi Juice : Tulsi is a herbs that supports a healthy response to physical and emotional stress. It may help in prevention of changes in mood, immunity and problems associated with stress. Tulsi can be linked with eradication of serious conditions like heart disease and cancer. It has highest amount of anti-oxidant properties.

3. Stevia Green Powder : Stevia Green Powder is extracted from dried stevia leaves. Stevia has a natural property of sweetness, and it can be used as a sweetner in many ways. It has a natural property of keeping the Blood Sugar in control, promoting insuline in body and help in stabilizing the blood pressure.

4. Noni Juice : Noni is considered as a wonder fruit which helps in all over healing of the body and act as a catalyst in the process of herbal medicines. It has a property and instant energy providing and its antioxidant properties help to strengthen up the body immunity system.

5. POME Tea : This products consists of all natural goodness of Pomegranate Fruit Juice, Green Tea and Black Tea. The phytochemicals of POME Tea delivers health benefits related to Joints, Vision, Heart, Mind. It helps in making the artries flexible and decrease the inflation in the lining of the blood vessels. It has and antu-atherogenic effect on the heart.



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