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Our Story

Story Behind The Sunrise

"Organic farming is not a trend, it's a necessity for the health of our planet and future generations"


Journey Started In 2007

We have planted the seed with a pledge that every Indian will eat chemical-free and nontoxic food. The company has identified several Agri-tech start-ups and entrepreneurs who were working towards solving agricultural challenges like low productivity, poor efficiency in the supply chain and lack of access to the markets, formal financial products and services, and low-quality inputs with the least market linkages.


Our Journey

Our Founder Mr Atul Gupta found that Green Revolution may have benefitted farmers with better agricultural productivity but in long run had a negative impact on health, the environment and soil. It inspired him to start the Journey of a healthy food production system with farmer's education and society benefits objectives. And in 2007 story of Sunrise Agriland Started.

  1. 2008

    To deny inorganic practices, Dr Atul Gupta revolutionized the business aligned with organic policy by obtaining organic certification as a dedicated ecological activist.

  2. 2009

    The company has started considering a strategic mechanism flaring a multi-sectorial approach aiming to deliver fair organic products, food security, and competitive agricultural commodities via eco-sensitive and sustainable Agri-practices.

  3. 2010

    First bloom: The business proliferated, and the company soon became NATIONALLY KNOWN for organic, natural and herbal products.

  4. 2011

    Trustworthy Organic Growth: In contrast to inorganic growth, our organic growth strategy maximized the transformation by boosting sales through product optimization, reallocation of resources, and new product offerings.

  5. 2012

    New growth: The Company relocated to a much larger one with all green building standards. The company manufactured 200 products with organic certification as all products are grown organically with 10000

  6. 2013

    Our business focuses on constantly enhancing the trade processes to minimize the costs and set appropriate pricing strategies for products & services where our unique offers strive to unwind a trade by presenting fresh goods and godsends.

  7. 2014

    Agrarian Transformation: The Company starts providing market-driven opportunities to farmers with a willingness to change and leadership alignment by keeping investors'

  8. 2015

    At this stage, the Company furnishes clinically authorised full-scale organic products by proffering the finest range, including herbal juices, natural cosmetics, organic tea and coffee, foods and vegetables, spices, grains and pulses, natural herbs, organic manure, and pesticides.

  9. 2016

    The company, under its research-based initiative, has developed a well-planned organic hub popularly known as - Sunrise Organic Herbal Park in Jaipur (India) spread over 162 Acres area with salient features including - Research Lab Facility, Training Hall, Dairy Development, Organic Product Knowledge Centre, Irrigation Systems, Rain Water Harvesting System, Biogas Making Plant, GO-CAST Making Centre, Cow Dung Pots, Organic Manure Manufacturing Unit, Dhup Batti and Agar Batti Making, International Farmer Call Centre, Live Purchase Centre (Grains & Spices), Herbs extraction centre, Herbs Grading, Sorting and Packing House, Herbs Pulverizing, Herbs Storage Centre, Organic Pulses Pouch Packing Machine, Batch Printing Unit, & Cosmetic Manufacturing Unit.

  10. 2017

    We have instituted a Farmer Market in Jaipur (India) by providing - Herbal products in various categories and with different ingredients of Aloe Vera, Cucumber, Almond Oil, Licorice Extract & Aqua, along with organic solutions in Skin-care, Daily-wellness and Hair-care. The categories include - Rubs, Sanitizer, Candy, Capsules, Cosmetics, Honey, Juices, Oil, Powder, Stevia & Tea.

  11. 2018

    The company has instigated a training institute benefiting underprivileged farmers, budding farmers of farmer clubs and research scholars vis-a-vis improving business quality and counterbalancing of the global market.

We achieved (2019-2022)

At this juncture, SUNRISE AGRILAND DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH PVT LTD. is a symbol of organic certified and highest-quality certified organic herbs, spices and botanicals to the pharmaceuticals and cosmeceuticals industry. To date, we have obtained valuable & desired organic certifications from CRISIL, APEDA, Spice Board, NPOP, USDA, QEC-UKAS & SGS.

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