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CSR is a continuous roadmap

CSR reflects Sunrise Agri land Development & Research Pvt Ltd Company commitment to the society and the environment within which it operates.

Our Company has been delivering excellent achievements in the arena of CSR in imparting vocational and agricultural training to the poor farmers, SHG women & widows, such as sewing, painting & embroidery. Under our post-skill development initiative, farmers become entrepreneur, skilled women obtained jobs in the MNCs. The Foundation is determined to improve the health status of farmers, rural women and children. Having all the necessary registrations with more than 20 years of experience undertaking charitable activities, we deem ourselves fit for CSR across India. We are open to any CSR opportunity dedicated to improving pro-poor and the environment.

Free Checks ups & Free Medications

Sunrise Company in tandem with local health care facilities, not just provide these services but educate communities about health and sanitation so look after themselves. Committed to building a fairer and more equitable world for everyone. We have invested in our communities to improve nutrition outcomes access to medical facilities for women and children. We are constantly working to collaborate with credible organisations to impact people in need.

Free Checks ups & Free Medications
Free Education


Rural communities are already disadvantaged when it comes to the opportunity of education, and this disadvantage is magnified towards women and girl. Through education they learn the skills necessary and have the freedom to be more adaptive, flexible and leaders. The initiative is to provide functional literacy to farmers and the rural community that did not have the opportunity to complete their primary education.

Training to Farmers

We work with hundreds of farmers every year and provide them with material, knowledge and training into organic farming and Gopalan. Every day farmers come from all over India to our Sunrise Organic Park at Gaushala to get knowledge of organic farming... We an enterprise inspired by the mission of organic farming. Its mission is to change the way people think about food and help farmers develop their business with new products and marketing.

Training to Farmers

Support Special able children

Help to ensure that people with disabilities have equal opportunities. Having a disability shouldn’t exclude someone from the opportunity to be independent. Support them with special education, vocational training ,fashion shows and therapy so they attempt to become independent and live with dignity.


We offer free Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment clinic at our Gaushala for the general public, and have achieved very encouraging results from our treatment for a wide variety of diseases. We have developed a wide range of Ayurvedic medicines using combinations of herbal as well as panchgavya based ingredients. In Ayurveda, ghee and gomutra are described as natural bio-enhancers, improving the absorption and effectiveness of medicines processed or consumed with these two ingredients.