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Third Party Manufacturing /Private Labelling

Sunrise Agri land Development & Research Pvt Ltd. is a certified third-party manufacturing company offers third-party manufacturing facilities both under Private Labelling as well as Contractual Manufacturing to spread the goodness and power of herbal /organic /Ayurveda around the world to internally heal people by the means of its cent percent pure and natural products.

Third-party manufacturers are similarly known as contract manufacturers. This can be defined as preparing the products or goods under the name or brand of another firm. Manufacturing is a complex process involving a lot of research, findings, developments, experiments, and lab testing, making it a complex and expensive process. Even meeting the deadline becomes more challenging. With a huge cost of manufacturing and compliances to be followed, many natural/herbal/organic/Ayurvedic companies are exploring the advantages of outsourcing manufacturing processes, also known as third-party contract manufacturing.

So, if you are searching for the best and most trusted natural/herbal/organic/Ayurvedic Manufacturing Company get in contact with us. Thus, you can get all the best variety of products only from our company. You can completely rely on us and contact us.

Under third-party

Under third-party Ayurveda/herbal/natural/organic manufacturers, we help the brand owners develop Custom formulations and packaging and transform their idea into the desired product.

Private Label Product Manufacturer

Amongst the private label product manufacturer companies, SUNRISE AGRILAND DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH PVT LTD. stands for unique GLOBAL STANDARDS with 100% transparency in each step, which works best in the long-term RELATION of both seller and the buyers.

Personal Care industry

In the Billion-Dollar Personal Care industry, we understand how important your company and its products need to entwine using the highest quality ingredients. When you partner with SUNRISE AGRILAND DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH PVT LTD., you get Private Label premium products manufactured by a highly-trained team of developers, designers and project managers.






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Our Products

Juices, Soft Drinks, Personal Care, Skincare, Diet Supplements, Bio Fertilizer, Teas, Spices, Capsules, Powder, Herbal Extract, Oil

As the leading Third-Party Manufacturer in India, our production unit creates excellent juices, creams, shampoos, tablets, capsules, tea, oil, Ghee and ointments quality products by using natural raw materials for our customers direct from our trained farmers. Similarly, we strictly follow all regulatory rules and ethics to meet all quality parameters of the best production. Moreover, our company owns WHO & GMP certifications and our manufacturing facility makes sure to produce maximum quality products for the consumers. Also, we have a team of expert specialist who helps to improve and bring techniques to improve the process of production and product quality.

To join hands with us, you will need some mandatory documents. Here is the list of all the documents and licenses needed while opting for outsourcing manufacturing in

  • Company Registration
  • Copy of PAN card, Aadhar Card, GST Registration
  • BRN number
  • Brand Logo/Company website/Customer care Number
  • FSSAI trading License
  • Copy of a Resolution for Authorised Signatory for Limited companies
  • Affidavit for Proprietorship firm or Partnership deed of the Partnership firm
  • The Memorandum & Articles of Association in the case of Pvt. Ltd or Limited Company.

SUNRISE is a whole natural herbal /organic company and we use the unaltered and natural whole roots, plants and herbs that we grow. Because of this, we don't measure or print the number of constituents. We use a chemical-free, sterilization process to clean our herbs.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of utilizing third party manufacturing rather than handling your manufacturing in house is efficiency. While you may find it more efficient in theory to manufacture products within your own company, we help in you in every step & there's a lot that goes into this process. Pen down your desired products which you wish to be manufactured by a third-party manufacturer.

We delivery all raw materials & products affordable prices and hold the utmost place in the top third-party manufacturing company known in the domestic and international markets. The name that governs the industry with excellence and perfection is SUNRISE AGRILAND DEVELOPMENT & RESEARCH PVT.LTD

We provide consistency in supply of all products and provide the supply much in advance before the specified deadlines. However, it is important for companies to carefully select a reliable third-party manufacturer with a proven track record of quality production, to ensure that their products meet the necessary standards and are delivered on time. Happy customers

Assurance is the confidence and trust that customers have in a certain Company. This is especially important with services that a customer might perceive as being above their ability to understand and properly evaluate.

The expense of designing the Label required for a Third-Party contract manufacturer will be bear by our company. Our designers have lot of experience making sure that your design will be produced properly so as to deliver you quality results and boost your sales. It will help you in establish your unique brand identity in national and international market.

By building long-lasting relationships starting right at the level of the farmer we support 1.5 Lakhs farmers and their families in India and others countries year on year by providing a consistently profitable source of income. We guide farmers right from the sourcing of seeds all the way through building sustainable farming models that are profitable and yield produce that makes its way to store. By enabling our farmer communities with wide ranging disruptive technologies that are easy to implement such as low-cost drip irrigation, R&D operations to monitor seed quality, best-in-class cultivation practices, new crop development and GMO free product standards, we help to empower them and transform their livelihoods.

Our manufactured products are earning international and global appreciation all over the world. Third Party manufacturing company provides you an opportunity to extend your business venture at low investment. We make sure that we create the best product for our customers so that it helps them in growing further.


Sunrise Agri land Development & Research pvt lt. is one of the most trusted and flexible companies when it comes to third party manufacturing or contract manufacturing of herbal /ayurvedic /organic products. You can know more about the facilities provided by the company by getting in touch with us.