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Our Foundation

Sunrise Foundation


Sunrise Agriland Development and Research Private Limited is a foundation that was established in 2007 with the belief that organic farming is vital to preserving the health of the planet and its inhabitants. We are committed to working towards this vision through our mission of promoting organic farming and educating people on the benefits of consuming organic products. It is our main objective to provide the public with the freshest, highest-quality organic products at a reasonable price point, straight from the farm, ensuring that they receive the maximum health benefits that come with consuming organic foods while also making them accessible to everyone.


Sunrise Agri Land is dedicated to promoting organic farming and sustainability through our direct partnerships with local farmers and organizations. We work closely with these farmers to cultivate a specific variety of crops organically and purchase the product directly from them. This not only ensures that our products are of the highest organic quality, but it also helps to support the livelihoods of local farmers by providing them with a stable income source.

By supporting these farmers, we are not only promoting organic farming practices, but we are also investing in the health of our communities and the planet. We believe that by building these relationships, we can create a sustainable food system that benefits everyone.