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Utilizing Sustainable Energy Sources

In the pretext of increasingly stretchy manufacturing strategies beneath the backdrop of the current transnational competition bearing swift product development & supply chain, a matchless number and medley of products are contesting in markets varying from edibles to cures and personal care. Despite the benefits to buyers, this marvel out-circled it more complex for the manufacturers and vendors to forewarn which goods are selling and plan production and orders accordingly. Our Agri and Personal care products are 100% organic and natural. They are clinically validated.

ISO Certified


Breakthrough: Inching Closer Towards Better Tomorrow

Sunrise has grown from a micro seed to become a global leader with GOOD AGRICULTURAL PRACTICES in innovation, modernization technology of India, medicines, research and development and extraction of plant’s active ingredient.

Sunrise Agriland upholds people to access and materialise the stuff, services and prospects sought to live a nutritive, generative and contended verve while making sustainable blessing of the natural reserves on which they entrust.

The establishment specialises in global stately organic & natural products by working closely with governance, provincial product partners, enterprises, and knowledge academies from low-medium-high proceeds. As a third party, the company is being slanted to recast soulful notions into the procedure, procedure into an accomplishment, and the achievement into outcomes.

Fairly Organic

Sustainably made & affectionately packaged in recyclable materials Presently the company perceives the shaking up of the agricultural industries by leveraging its expertise in farming, plant-based food production, and utilization of agrarian side streams along with personal care industries through divine personal care products exhibiting reliable results in skin consistency as well as by preventing different side effects.

Fairly Organic

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The company is succinct with product growth and production services to the food industry with the goods to render a spectrum of products from food, beverages, and protein-rich products, including personal care products like - face care, hair care & body care. It intends to speed up the transition to more plant-based diets and climate-friendly food production by bringing delicious plant-based picks to the market from locally sourced raw materials attuned with Eco-friendly & sustainable practices.

Extensive Global Imprint

Despite any hiccup, the company has been seamlessly serving more than 10 lac people in the span of 2 decades. During the efficacious journey of the company’s numerous glorious deeds, we have significantly augmented the verve of our long-term patrons, loveable shoppers & valued researchers internationally with an extensive global imprint.

Responsibly Sourced & Vegan

The early initiatives of the journey enabled us to stroll into the organic farming domain by originating a sustainable & supportive platform influencing the livelihoods of thousands of farmers. Concurrently, the sensitization of the company empowered farmers to gain the opportunity to vend their agricultural products rhythmically.

Our Group is Expanding

  • In-house Processing

    Our establishment runs its own two processing units for 100 % organic & natural processing with implemented food safety management systems, including HACCP and BRC. Our facility complies with international industry standards, and we ensure consistency and traceability.

  • Next Generation Personal Care

    Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt Ltd. manufactures and supplies organic & natural products to customers in the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, South Africa, Bangladesh, Kenya, Kuwait, Mauritius and many more. Sunrise Group of Companies comprises over 360+ products in partnership with more than 95,000+ farmers