Organic Amla Fruit Spicy

Organic Amla Fruit Spicy

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Brand:Sunrise Agriland Development & Research Pvt. Ltd.
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Organic Amla Candy Namkeen:

                                    Organic Sunrise Natural Amla Candy Namkeen formulated with Organic Amla. Tested and trusted in India since thousands of years as a source of unlimited nutrition & natural medication. Amla "Thewonder fruit herb", after value addition as AMLACANDY, using a natural process and keeping the natural value of Amla intact, offers the taste of soft munchy fruit, while delivering benefits of Amla.


Amla Fruit (Indian Gooseberry), Sugar, Glucose. Spices (Kali Mirch, Nimbu Sat, Anardana, kala Namak, Sendha Namak, Sounth) etc.


Good for Blood, Bones, Skin & Brain.

Improves Digestion and Liver functioning.

Checks Acidity& High Cholesterol.

Keeps the Blood, Liver and Kidney clean.

Enhances Energy & Stamina.

Improves Eyesight&Memory.

Keeps the skin Young & Glowing.

Good for Children, helps in balanced growth

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